Champagne Leafing

Champagne Leafing is a light shade of gold, with a slight peach or apricot undertone. The name “Champagne” refers to the luxurious and celebratory nature of the drink.Champagne Leafing on Wall The champagne colour is often associated with elegance, sophistication, and glamour. It is a warm and inviting colour, often used in interior design and fashion.

This shade is not as bright as gold but still retains its metallic quality. The preference for champagne colour over gold in interiors is a matter of personal taste and design style. Champagne is often seen as a more neutral and versatile colour, whereas gold is perceived as bold and glamorous. Champagne also tends to complement a wider range of other colours, making it easier to incorporate into various design schemes. Ultimately, the choice between champagne and gold will depend on the specific interior design project and the desired aesthetic.

Application of Champagne Leafing

It is commonly applied on Ceilings, Walls, Furniture, Artifacts, Panels, Pillars of Homes, Offices, Hotels and Restaurants, Conventional Halls, Temples, Ghar Mandir, etc. The magical aura of Champagne Leafing brings a royal and modern touch to any applied surface.Champagne Leaf Gilding on Ceiling

We commit to giving you the perfect result – a fresh new look for your home or office that we will customize to your needs. Our designers boast an expansive collection of both standard and custom designs that will add luxury and sophistication to any area they are applied in. Whether used as a neutral or a statement colour, champagne Leafing is sure to elevate any space to the next level.

Our experienced team uses high-quality materials and advanced techniques and ensures that each project is completed to the highest standards. Whether you want to add a touch of glamour to your home decor or enhance the beauty of a commercial property, we have the expertise and creativity to deliver the results you desire.

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