Edible Silver Leaf


100% Pure and Edible Silver Leaf
100% Pure and Edible Silver Leaf

Edible Silver Leaf or Chandi Vark, consists of Pure Silver. Silver is edible, though flavorless. This edible leaf is called Chandi Vark in Hindi, sometimes also spelled as Chandi ka Vark, Chandi Varak, and Chandi Varakh. The tradition of decorating delicacies in Asia with Gold and Silver Vark originates from Ayurveda medicinal practices. Several ancient Sanskrit documents like Ayurveda and medical literature mentions about Swarna (Gold), Tara (Silver) or Rupera (Silver). As per the documents, the conversation is in three forms: Varaka (leaf), Patra (thin foil),  and Bhasma (ash). As per Ayurveda, Gold is an aphrodisiac and Silver is an antimicrobial astringent.  So, top Pharmaceutical Companies use Silver Leaves for the treatment of lots of health issues, particularly digestion. Therefore the estimated consumption of Pure Silver Vark in India is 275 tons annually. (according to BWC-Beauty without cruelty data)



Uses of Silver Leaf:

Decorating sweets with Silver leaf is an ancient tradition. Sweets manufacturers often decorate sweets with Silver Leaves to make them more tempting. People commonly use Silver Leaves as a coating on Chyawanprash, Murabbas, Dry fruits (e.g. almonds, cashews, and dates), Cardamom, Sugar Balls, and other spices. Silver Vark wasn’t just limited to sweets alone. Moreover, it made its way to other dishes such as Korma, Biryani, and Kababs Flavored Supari, Paan, and Elaichi are also often coated with Chandi ka Vark.

Manufacturing Process:

Hindus and Jains widely use Pure Silver Leaves for decorating Bhagwan's Angi and other Puja rituals. Thus in India, most of the manufacturers adopted the vegetarian process. Nowadays, modern machines do the beating or hammering work. It guarantees product and quality consistency. After that, skilled and experienced staff do the remaining production process manually, maintaining proper hygiene. The Edible Silver Leaf booklet contains 15 Leaves and comes in packs of 10 booklets for a packet of 150 Leaves. They are available in different sizes and are 100% vegetarian.

About Us:

We are supplying Edible Gold Leaf & Edible Silver Leaf for over 40 years. Our customers range from Pharmaceutical companies, Jain Temples, Sweets Manufacturers, Major Supermarkets, Restaurants, Food Distributors, Specialist Cake Makers, Cosmetic Companies, and also individuals for home use.  We manufacture Edible Gold Leaf and Silver Leaf, especially for the food industry. It adheres to strict quality standards and guidelines as per FSSAI.

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